Mathilde Jalladaud

Mathilde JALLADAUDShe has been an active member of the «Â Biomimetic French Team » for more than two years, working on Biomimetic Consultation at Charles Foix hospital (Ivry-sur-Seine), every tuesday morning.

Dr Mathilde Jalladaud has a general private practice in Paris, oriented in periodontal treatments, and Biomimetic and Restorative Dentistry and Fixed Prosthodontics, and is well trained in the use of CAD-CAM. 

Really interested in the periodontal sciences, she has published an article in a french review (Réalités Cliniques) in 2014, about the periodontal and orthodontic relationship.

She has obtained the Certificate of Higher Education of Periodontologic Sciences, and is following the Master of Research in Periodontology and the University Degree of Clinical Periodontology of Paris V.