Maud Denis

Maud DENISMaud was born in 1983. She achieved an architectural license before to prefer to reorient in dentistry. she honed the general training cycle in dentistry by three years of Dental residency in Oral medicine, in hospital Bretonneau (Paris V). She received his Dental Degree from the University of Paris V à René Descartes, France in 2011.
She also obtained a professional Master degree specialized in Dental Prosthesis at the Paris V/VIII University, and a research Master degree in Biomaterial and health engineering at the Paris XIII University – Institut Galilée.

Since 2010, Maud is a member of the Biomimetic consultation directed by Gil Tirlet.

She is assistant professor in Charles Foix Hospital of Ivry and University of Paris V, in the department of Prosthetic Rehabilitation.

Parallel, Maud leads a Ph.D (under the supervision of Dr. E Vennat and Pr. JP. ATTAL) on the topic “The polymer infiltration as “adhesive base naturally army” for the treatment of enamel hypomineralised : A new adhesive concept to define”. For this work, she is attached at two Biomaterials Laboratories (Laboratory URB2i of University of Paris V René Descartes and Laboratory MSSMat of Ecole Centrale Paris).