Solène Marniquet


Born in 1989 in Reims, France, she studied dental surgery at the Paris Descartes University along with a 2-years Master’s degree in Biomaterials from Paris V, VII and XIII Universities.

She is a member of the Research Group in Dental Materials, at the URB2i laboratory – EA 4462 – of the Paris V University under the direction of Dr. Jean-Pierre Attal.

She is focusing her work on new machinable materials – CAD-CAM composites and ceramics – used in adhesive dentistry. Her final dissertation focused on the Experimental Protocol for Evaluating the Chipping Fracture Resistance of Dental CAD/CAM Restorative Materials (under the supervision of Dr. Helene Fron).

Really interested in Biomaterials and Restorative dentistry, she has published two national articles in collaboration with JP. Attal, L.Tapie and H.Fron (Les matériaux usinables en dentisterie restauratrice et en prothèse fixée – Guide pratique synthétique. Info Dent, Mai 2014) and with H.Fron under the direction of Gil Tirlet and Jean-Pierre Attal (Dentisterie biomimétique : “No Post No Crown”, Matériaux actuels pour les restaurations partielles. Fil Dent, Decembre 2014).

In 2014, she joined the Biomimetic consultation of Gil Tirlet at the Charles Foix Hospital – Ivry, France – and did the implantology training of the “SAPO Implant” (Bernard Cannas, Mai-Lan Tran and Nicolas Boutin).

She currently works at the private practice of Jean-Paul DJIAN, in Paris (8th District).