Thibault Drouhet

Thibault DROUHETThibault Drouhet was born in Boulogne Billancourt on June 6, 1989. He completed his Dental Degree from the University of Paris V à René Descartes, in 2014 in France, with the final Thesis “The Concept of Ethanol Wet Bonding” under the supervision of Dr H Fron and Dr JP Attal.

After completing his studies, he started his private practice in Paris, while continuing his education. He is currently enrolled in an AUI (University Association of Implantology) from the University Paris VII Diderot, and in (June 2015), he will complete three Certificates of Higher Education in Prosthesis (fixed and removable prosthodontics) at the University of Paris V René Descartes.

Since 2013, Thibault is a member of the Biomimetic consultation under the direction of Gil Tirlet (Charles Foix Hospital, Ivry, France). He is also undertaking an internship at the Department Prosthesis of the University Hospital, under the direction of Dr. Fouilloux. Parallel to his Dental Degree, Thibault completed an M.Sc in Biomaterials (a 2-year Master´s Degree) at the University of Paris XIII. During this Master, he interned at two Biomaterials Laboratories (Laboratory URB2i of University of Paris V René Descartes and Laboratory MSSMat of Ecole Centrale Paris). His final dissertation focused on the Experimental Protocol for Evaluating the Strength and the Infiltration of a Hybrid Layer (under the supervision of Dr. E Vennat).

Besides his experience in adhesive dentistry, Thibault also had the opportunity to put into practice his surgical skills. During two years, he provided surgical assistant at the Maxillofacial Surgery unit of the Necker Hospital. One year before completing his Dental Degree he also followed the training “SAPO Clinique” and did an internship at the Oral Surgery Unit at the Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal André Grégoire.